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Engineering college creates artificial sky inside hostel to show sunrise to students

24, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. After giving up any hopes of its students changing their lifestyle in accordance with the laws of the nature, an engineering college has decided to take help of technology to bring nature nearer to the students.

The tradition of staying up awake till late night playing Counter-Strike, downloading watching movies, drinking, and discussing girls and philosophy are a part of the hostel life, which results in students waking up late in morning and missing sunrise.

Most of the students of NIT said “nuclear fission” when shown this photo

Nishachar Institute of Technology (NIT) has been trying to help its students wake up since the start of the millennium, but now it has given up. Instead, it has created an artificial sky inside its hostels to give sunrise deprived inmates an impression of timely sunrise.

“Students never listen to us while on campus, but once they graduate, they find a totally different world outside and find it difficult to adjust. Many students had vision problems as their eyes couldn’t easily adjust to change in luminosity after being opened in the morning,” Narayan Shankar, dean of NIT revealed why they took the decision to install an artificial sky.

“My own son never witnessed sunrise in his 4 year stay at college hostel. While he was on campus, I asked to him to draw a picture of early morning and he drew bright big sun almost in the middle of the sky,” the dean explained the gravity of the situation.

The artificial sky will be installed on hostel ceilings and will generate an effect of sunrise from 9 AM in the morning to 1 PM in afternoon on weekdays, when students normally wake up, while it will have the same effects till 4 PM on the weekends.

To make the mornings more genuine, the college has also ordered some hens and cocks that will crow kookdoo-koo or ‘Cock a doodle doo’.

“Although these birds are known for crowing at the break of dawn, but once they mingle with these students, they will also start waking up late,” warden of one of the NIT hostels told Faking News.

While these steps are being taken to help the students, the current batch is suspecting a conspiracy by the administration.

“We can’t trust them. Maybe that artificial sky will have some surveillance tools like hidden cameras. Furthermore, why are they trying to destroy the culture?” argued Yudhisthir Thakur, a 5th year student who is repeating few courses.

But the administration has clarified that their decision was final and binding on all. They have already included this feature as their USP in the college prospectus. “Dare to think beyond sunrise” is the new motto for NIT.