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Even with 110-inch TV person is unable to read warnings displayed during advertisements

25, Sep 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Vinod Das has got numerous awards from likes of Microsoft, Google and Apple for being the only person on earth to read the terms and conditions before installing any software from them.

He always wanted to be an ‘informed’ person; know the risk before taking it.

He was not happy with his TV as he was struggling to read the disclaimers and warnings that are displayed at the bottom. Thought his 84-inch TV is the root cause. That’s why he upgraded it to a 110-inch TV. He thought with his new Ultra HDTV, he will be able to read what are written when Salman Khan jumps to get those ‘taste the thunder’.

Kuch Nahin Padh paya mein. Haan, Salman ka Chaddi ka brand Pata chal gaya mere ko,” said Mr. Vinod while talking to one of his friend.

“Full waste of my retirement money. With that much money I could have afforded two months of Petrol”, he added.

According to him these brands are cheating us for years like Sikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma who attack minnows on flat carrom board kind of pitches and keep their place in the team secure for years.

“Why these companies get away after using font size 1 in their advertisements. Earlier in many places they will put a star and mention somewhere why conditions apply. Now star would be there, but they do not mention anything about conditions apply,” said Vinod.

“If one regulator slowed down a bullet train to less than the speed of bullock cart so that we understand mutual fund investments are risky, why others cannot do the same?” questioned Vinod’s friend.

“Till it is done, many would be thinking they are drinking an orange juice without knowing they are drinking these orange color chemicals,” said Mr. Vinod.