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Facebook cracks on fake news, blocks profiles of freshers who claim they have got more than 3 Lakh package

22, Jun 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Facebook, the company which is known for maintaining highest level of corporate ethics has decided to crack down on people who are spreading fake news on its platform.

Coming down hard on freshers, Facebook has blocked profiles of those who claimed they have got more than 3 lakhs package as their starting salary.

“Enough of warnings. Whatever you say, these fake news propagators are not listening to us. We are sorry, but we had no other option”, said Anshuman Jha, working as director for Facebook India.

Mr. Jha added, “These freshers forget we have AI to track the fake news immediately. Freshers salary of 3 lakh per annum is so obvious, who does not know about it. No one will believe if you say a different figure”

Facebook is not closing the doors on the freshers who after all belongs to the most active users pool of its platform.

“If the freshers can submit salary proof attested by company, we will unblock them. It has been more than 3 days, not a single person has uploaded details. You can imagine, what was happening in our platform”, said Mr. Jha.

Many freshers who joined organizations in last 2 weeks and are on the verge of getting promoted to ‘bench’ are livid with Facebook.

One such fresher Manish Gupta told us, “Now, how I will manage mandatory six hours at office without access to Facebook. My company has also not made any alternate arrangement”.

“Yesterday, I tried to kill my time by sending Good Morning/Evening messages with nice pictures in sixty WhatsApp groups I am a member. Thirty of them removed me. When I checked with the admins, they are telling such SPAM messages are not allowed in their groups anymore”, said Manish with a sad face.