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Facebook to give out Work Experience certificates to those who have spent more than 2 years on the social networking site

21, Mar 2018 By @jurnoleast

Amidst rising criticism over allegations of data misuse by Facebook, the social networking site is trying its best to stop angry users from deleting their account.

Sources within the company say that active users who have spent more than 2 years on the site will now be given a ‘Certificate of Experience’ as a token of appreciation. “It’s our way of thanking those who have wasted their time and will continue to do so on our site,” said a highly placed source within the company.

Many users welcomed the move and said that they finally have something in return for all the efforts they have taken for making Facebook what it is today.

Back home, the ministry of HRD has said that the aforementioned Work Experience will be given weight-age when applying for jobs.

Jobless engineers in India heaved a sigh of relief at the announcement and said that now have something to fill up thier CV with. “After graduating I spent most of my time on Twitter and Facebook. Almost 8 years to be precise. Now I can write about my Farmville and Mafia Wars achievement in my CV,” said Ranjit Nair from Bengaluru.

A formal announcement will be made by Mark Zuckerberg himself shortly where he will be handing out certificates to selected users from across the world.