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Facebook to introduce ‘slap’ reaction; would send an executive to slap you if no. of slaps cross 100

16, Jun 2017 By Akash Vadera

How many times has it happened that you saw a lame joke on Facebook or check-ins of your best friend enjoying in Europe without you or photos of your Ex getting married and you wished you could just slap them hard?

Mark explaining the features of Slap reaction
Mark explaining the features of Slap reaction

Well, attention all Facebook users! Your wish is about to come true. Very soon, Facebook is going to launch a ‘slap’ reaction for posts. Yes, you read it right! And that’s not it. It will even send an executive to slap someone if number of slaps on their post crosses 100.

Last Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the details of this new feature in a press conference. He stated, “Since quite a long time, people were asking us to add a reaction that would express their true feelings. Now, we all know that a ‘like’ or a ‘heart’ on our colleague’s ‘Got promoted’ post is more artificial than these flowers” as he points to the fake flowers kept on the table.

“So we have finally decided to come up with a ‘slap’ reaction. Users can now slap anyone on Facebook and that too for any reason. Don’t like a status? Slap the person. Envious of vacation photos? Slap everyone who went there. Depressed about your crush getting married? Slap their spouse. You see we’re trying to bring people more close than ever.”

But this was not it. He further added, “But this is not it. There’s a catch to this. If the no. of slaps on a post crosses 100, Facebook would send an executive to slap the person, wherever he or she is”. Yes, even we’re boggled by this amazing technology.

When asked about the feasibility and cost involved with this new feature, he added, “See, by hiring executives for slapping people, or as we call them – Slapchatters, yes this is an original name, we are basically increasing the employment. We have appointed Dayanand Shetty (a.k.a. Daya of CID fame) as our Chief of Staff for Slapchatters. He will be personally teaching each and every Slapchatter, the basics of slapping.”

He explained the technology with an example, “Suppose you bail out on your friends for a dinner plan citing you’re ill. And just hours later you check-in at a location with your girlfriend. Obviously, all of your friends will slap you for your check-in. And if the anger is so high that the slap counter crosses 100, the waiter at your location will slap you. Yes, we have tied up with many restaurants for this.”

This feature is hands down the best feature Facebook has ever had. So grab your gear and get ready to spread some slappiness!