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Facebook activates Safety Check in Pakistan to let surviving terrorists mark themselves safe after India's surgical strikes

30, Sep 2016 By psych0bar0n

Islamabad: After the surgical strikes by Indian Army yesterday, Facebook has announced that its safety check feature has been activated in Pakistan to allow surviving terrorists to mark themselves safe. In the early hours of Wednesday, Indian Army had launched surgical strikes on terror camps operating from Pakistan and killed a large number of terrorists.

Are you safe?
Are you safe?

After the attacks,concerned relatives and friends of terrorists were spamming the Pakistani Government’s FB page inquiring about the well being of their terrorists. Even the phone lines in Nawaz Sharif’s office were jammed due to the heavy load. To help out the Pak govt in such a situation, Facebook activated its safety feature for the terrorists to mark themselves safe.

Facebook Safety Check is a feature managed by social networking company Facebook. The feature is activated by the company during natural or man-made disasters to quickly determine whether people in the affected geographical area are safe. This check has been activated for the PoK region now.

Pakistan has welcomed this initiative by Facebook warmly. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said, “There was such confusion and pandemonium after the strikes with all terror organizations asking me whether their employees are safe or not. We were expecting Indian Army to give us more details about the people killed but they only told us about the strikes, such lack of cooperation from India. Thankfully, Facebook has come through and will help us find out who all are safe. This will help our Army in planning also as we will come to know how many of our assets non-state actors are still alive.”

Among the first terrorists to use the Facebook Safety check was Mullah Bimaar, a Lashkar e Tauba operative who beat a hasty retreat as soon as he saw the approaching Indian commandos. “Moments after escaping from the Indian Army, I clicked a selfie with the mountain as the backdrop. As I was about to upload that selfie on FB, I noticed this safety check feature and I immediately marked myself safe.”, said a beaming Mullah Bimaar.

Last heard, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had also marked himself safe after rumors that he had been overthrown and killed in a military coup.