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Facebook re-introduces marking “I am safe” for Delhi people

10, Nov 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Delhi’s smog problem is grabbing headlines all over the world. From BBC to WHO, everyone has shifted focus from finding flaws in Donald Trump’s policies to finding solutions to Delhi’s smog problem. And when it’s the whole world involved then how can a new social media country be left behind? Yes, you guessed it right. Facebook on Wednesday introduced its famous ‘I am safe’ button for all those who are stuck in Delhi fighting the thick smog.

Delhi’s smog is worsening by the day. There is no sign of it getting subsided. People all over the world are scared about their friends and relatives stuck up in such a hazardous environment.

So to make them aware of Delhites’ wellbeing, Facebook has launched its ‘I am safe’ button so that people can mark themselves safe and make their relatives all over the world feel relieved. We talked to Mark Zuckerberg about this feature and he said, “Every time there is a crisis in any part of the globe, Facebook launches that button so that people can mark themselves safe. Although, Indians mark themselves safe even when they are not there in that crisis. Like once I saw a Delhi guy marking himself safe during the London Bomb Blasts while sitting in New Delhi. So, as soon as the smog crisis occurred in Delhi, we received lakhs of emails in our inbox asking to create a mark safe option for Delhi smog also. And I cannot disappoint them.”

We talked to a few Delhi based students on this new feature of Marking Safe. One of them, Siddharth Arora, said, “I always marked myself safe in every crisis situation in the world even if I was sitting at home. Thank god and thanks to the pollution, now I can legitimately mark myself safe on Facebook.”

That’s not all. The Delhi CM has called this as a victory of Aam Aadmi Party. In his tweet, he said, “Delhi is thankful to Mark Zuckerberg for introducing ‘I am safe’ button for all the Delhites. Today Aam Aadmi has won again”. Though people trolled him and said, “We wanted to mark ourselves safe but you didn’t provide free wifi to us”.