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Facebook to add 'Seen but ignored' feature that will show list of people ignoring your posts

21, May 2016 By Beer & Biryani

California: In what could answer the biggest question of Facebook users, ‘Why no one is liking my posts?’, the popular social networking site has decided to introduce ‘Seen but ignored’ feature in the post section that currently includes links for reactions and comments.

Seen but ignored feature of Facebook
Seen but ignored feature of Facebook

Speaking to Faking News, Facebook spokesperson Mr. Shark Heisenberg said, “A large section of Facebook users logging in to Facebook seem unhappy with the number of likes they get for their posts, especially guys. They struggle hard with google searches to check if someone else has already posted that status, and if their status is grammatically correct. In spite of all the pre-work and original ideas, they end up getting 0-5 likes.”

When we asked Shark if this is applicable to girls too, Mr. Shark said, “Womenkind, however, need not worry about likes at this stage of society’s evolution as they get more than sufficient likes compared to the below-average likes guys get. This is not a personal feeling, but a proof from our reports.”

“We are happy to inform you that we would soon release the ‘Seen but ignored’ feature that will give you an idea of ‘who’ could have potentially liked your posts but ended up ignoring it. This way you will know who that culprit, ignoring your posts continually, is. You can set up a discussion with them offline and try to find the root cause, which however, will be outside Facebook’s purview,” said Mr. Shark as he rushed back into the Corporate Communications chamber.

As per our sources, ‘Seen but ignored’ feature will work really well in India, promising the much needed unnecessary chaos: hatred, jealously and friendship break-ups, turning social network into a web-based Splits Villa.