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Facebook to hire people to physically poke users who remain inactive for more than 30 minutes

30, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

California: Concerned about rising level of user inactivity, social media giant Facebook is planning to hire people to physically poke FB users who remain inactive for more than 30 minutes.

Mark Zuckerberg poking his employees if they remain inactive  on Facebook for 30 mins
Mark Zuckerberg  making sure that his own employees are active on Facebook  for 30 mins

Speaking to Faking News a senior developer at Facebook said, “We have been tracking user activity on Facebook for quite some time and we have observed that an increasing level of inactivity on our site. We thought that introducing ‘Dislike’ button will create some buzz but it seems most users are done with Disliking whatever they could lay their hands on. For lack of better ideas to pique our user’s interest, we thought of introducing ‘Facebook Pokers’, who will physically go and poke users when they find someone inactive for more than 30 minutes.”

IT city of Bangalore was the testing ground for Facebook’s experiment. There were reports of users being poked and asked to get back on Facebook.

Ranjith Nair, techie working for a major IT company, was one such user. He said, “I remember getting back from a boring weekly team meeting and as I was about to start working, this guy poked me real hard and said ‘hey there, you haven’t been active on Facebook for 30 mins. Get on to Facebook right now’. I couldn’t even resist as he refused to go till I signed in to FB.”

Many others in Bangalore had similar stories to tell. “The other day I thought of having my afternoon nap when the doorbell rang and a person who claimed to work for Facebook asked me to get on to FB asap,” said Malathi Iyer, a housewife.

Increasing numbers of FB users in Bangalore are clearly not happy with such intrusion of their privacy and have decided to deactivate their FB accounts.

However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is very optimistic about his ‘pokers’ with some calling the ‘Get Back on Facebook’ his pet project.

“He (Mark) has been leading from the front. In fact, Mark has been going around Facebook headquarters and poking our employees who are inactive on Facebook. Just yesterday he slapped another employee in the elevator when he came to know that the employee was inactive on Facebook for two days. I shouldn’t be saying this but even his wife Priscilla is not exempt from his pokes,” said Sheryl Sandberg,COO of Facebook, as she checked her watch to find out how long she was inactive on FB and also checking if Mark Zuckerberg was in vicinity.

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