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Facebook will change algorithm to reduce gym selfies being posted by users: Mark Zuckerberg

16, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

With New Year just a month away and the possibility of gym registrations with subsequent gym selfies expected to spike, Mark Zuckerberg has made clear his intention to reduce the menace of users posting selfies from gym.


The social networking giant today announced that it has plans to tweak algorithm in such a way that gym selfies especially those where non-existent muscles are being flexed will automatically be deleted. Professional bodybuilders will be exempted though.

“This menace of people visiting gyms for taking selfies rather than serious workout and then uploading the pictures on Facebook is becoming bigger problem than global warming. Majority of them aren’t serious about workouts and spend most of their time in front of the mirror. We need to address this narcissism. Not everyone wants their timeline flooded with these selfies,” Mark said while speaking to his developers.

FB Chief also said that one of his goals for 2019 was to make Facebook 100% genuine and weed out fake news, fake profiles and fake selfies. To achieve his objective the Mark got an independent research agency to help them gather data about user habits. The research numbers would help in tweaking the algorithm.

Statistics reveal that almost 75% of gym selfies that are posted on the social networking site are from India. And within India northern states account for the majority. Many believe that FB’s move could end up being the death knell for many gyms in the northern part of the country.

Rocky Mann, who owns Silver Muscle Gym in Haryana, acknowledges that most of his patrons hardly use any of the gymming equipment. “I have replaced the equipment with mirrors. Not point having them if they are not using it. They come, discuss about protein supplements, take selfies and then leave. If this Facebook news is true, I might lose half of my business,” he said.

But FB is hardly moved by any of this and plans to take it’s fight with selfies to the next level by targeting ‘vacation selfies’ and ‘guitar selfies’ too.