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Faceboook to introduce Dinner Poke feature for Indian housewives to ask their husband what to cook for dinner

11, Jun 2016 By Guest Patrakar

“What to cook for dinner?” is the ultimate unresolved question for all Indian housewives. Which has been haunting all the husbands from centuries.

The new Facebook feature
The new Facebook feature

Last year Facebook’s India data team figured it out and decided to poke this issue and from many months of their efforts, they are about to launch “Dinner Poke” feature. In which Husbands will get auto Poked on Facebook. They will get a notification about the poke and get menu list which will have multiple selection options which will be auto-generated from his last month’s dinner data.

Talking to Facebook’s marketing spokesperson we also understood that, wife can automate to this poke as per her wish and can be set off on weekends when her husband will be at home. So that she will get the pleasure of asking the same in person.

From our pre-lauch survey we got many suggestions about this feature, most of the female respondents applauded this feature but many men respondents asked for ‘Bai Poke’ for this real life problem.

Adding to that, the marketing spokesperson also said that, “Our market research team concluded that this feature will impact many lives, We are launching this feature on 1st July at 5-00 pm when Mark will receive the first Dinner Poke from the Priscilla.”