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Family of 3 visits restaurant for quality time together, have dinner with their smartphones

17, May 2015 By RT

Navi Mumbai. Mr. Aloof Standoffish, very much a Mumbaikar but with an unfriendly name, visited a Chinese restaurant, which serves chicken with worms, to keep authenticity of Chinese food, during the just concluded weekend. His small family had been insisting on a restaurant visit to have some quality time together, Mr. Aloof informed Faking News, on the weekend nightmare.

“We have been planning on this for quite some time. The three of us seldom talk at home as we are either busy in front of a dumb TV sitting upright, or bent down looking at much smaller, supposedly smarter, mobile screen. Irony is that, we are unable to figure out which one of these two is making us more dumb,” Mr. Aloof confessed to Faking News.

What an amazing time together!
What an amazing time together!

“To take time off from this nonsense, small or big, we have decided to visit a restaurant and have a familial chat. Everything was normal until we reached the restaurant. During the car ride, I got to know my daughter’s class and section, my wife’s birthday, favorite food and movie etc.,

“Freakishly, like in some Bollywood masala movies, we learnt that the fourth person staying in our guest room is not known to any one of us,” Standoffish paused prior to explaining the stand off with the mysterious guest.

“Not much of a story there! I just shoved him away, on returning from the restaurant. The real story was in restaurant. Over there, we only talked to the waiter to place our individual dinner orders, and none of us spoke with each other.”

“My daughter and wife were busy updating statuses in their Facebook pages, WhatsApp groups and even sent a few tweets also, I later learnt. Should have known better when I saw both of them taking photographs of every course that were served. All along, I was busy crushing candies in my mobile phone or rather got crushed by the game; I never am good at these things.”

“Anyway, none of us liked the food. Though, my wife and daughter received 100s of likes on their respective Facebook pages on the pictures shared,”Aloof concluded to the absent-minded Faking News correspondent, who was caught reading about bail or jail sensational stories from his mobile phone.