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Family tattoos their BBM PINs on forehead, talk with each other only through BBM

25, Oct 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Taking the ongoing frenzy of sharing BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) PINs to a new level, all members of a family from Sarojini Nagar here have tattooed their PINs on their forehead to share it with entire universe.

Not just that, they have stopped chatting to each other and are communicating only through BBM, making them the only set of individuals speaking less than Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

A member of the Batra family

When Faking News tried to talk to the family members, they refused a vocal interview. Later this reporter installed BBM on his mobile phone and we could get an exclusive interview.

“We are proud to be a 100% BBM family; happier than Nehru-Gandhi parivaar or Sangh parivaar,” messaged Mr. Gulab Batra with a winking smiley.

“We felt that updating our BBM PINs on Facebook was not enough, as many residents of our colony are not yet on Facebook. We wanted the whole world to know about this great feat we had achieved, and that’s when we decided to get it tattooed on our foreheads,” Mr. Batra further messaged.

Mr. Batra later sent some cryptic message about strong and healthy hair which this reporter couldn’t understand how it was related to BBM.

Sources confirm that the Batra family has completed 14 rounds of the whole colony since they installed the BBM PINs on their foreheads this morning. This is higher than rounds undertaken by their colony watchman every night. They are even planning to visit their native village over the weekend.

As per Mr. Batra, his family is the most hi-tech family in the entire colony. His wife, Mrs. Phoolberry Batra, messaged us that other families of her colony were quite old fashioned and were still using the outdated pre-BBM-renaissance messenger service – WhatsApp.

Meanwhile other families of the colony are irritated to their core.

“We blocked them on Facebook after they created an event called ‘Share your BBM PIN’ and invited us all. Now they have gone totally crazy. We have called an emergency meeting of colony members to deal with this menace,” Mr. Gupta, a neighbor of Mr. Batra’s family said.