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Former ISRO scientist claims Chandrayaan never existed to begin with

29, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar


Bangalore. BS Manthanam, a former scientist at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), has claimed that India’s first mission to the Moon, better known as Chandrayaan-1, was a hogwash and the spaceship actually never existed. Manthanam termed ISRO’s declaration of Mission Chandrayaan being over as a well calculated move to put an end to the drama. The allegations of BS Manthanam have been refuted by ISRO and the government, but BS is standing by his statements.

“What the whole world saw on 22 October 2008 was a monumental fraud. There was no spaceship in the launch vehicle and that vehicle simply fell off in Arabian Sea after a few hours. Nothing landed on the moon except hopes of fooled Indians. The pictures that were later claimed to be sent by Chandrayaan-1 were actually downloaded from the web and modified by ISRO. I myself had photoshopped some of them. It was a big hogwash and now they want to put an end to the drama before someone finds out the real story.” BS Manthanam claimed, creating a huge turmoil in the scientific and political circles.

When contacted by Faking News, ISRO termed the claims of BS as ‘bullshit’. The organization also appealed to the media not to hype such publicity mongering claims. ISRO assured that there was no fraud in the Chandrayaan-1 mission and it indeed was accomplished successfully even though the mission was aborted after contact with the spaceship was lost abruptly today.

“This is all bullshit. Normally we wouldn’t have even commented on such absurdities. But coming close on heels of claims that Pokhran-II was unsuccessful, which were later refuted by the government and scientists as well as Dr. Kalam, we have decided to issue a formal refutation to avoid any confusion in the public and media.” P Satish, PRO of ISRO said.

The issue is also threatening to grow into a political mudslinging as some people suspect Manthanam to be a BJP agent trying to malign the achievements of UPA government. Such political rumorists analysts think that BJP is playing tit-for-tat as the party suspected the claims of Pokhran-II being unsuccessful as a conspiracy against them, for the nuclear tests were conducted under the directions of the then NDA government led by the BJP. Such murmurings have not been officially endorsed by any political party yet.

But BS Manthanam has denied any political affiliations and has maintained that he has spoken the truth only to let the citizens of India know the reality. When challenged by Faking News, BS refused to elaborate or corroborate his claims of absence of spaceship in the launch vehicle, and just maintained that his claims were based on scientific data and interpretations.

Disclaimer: Faking News can’t confirm or verify the veracity of Manthanam’s claims as we are intellectually too inefficient and indolent to analyze such complex and specialized issues, we leave it upon the conscious and reasoning of the readers to decide who’s speaking the truth.