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Frustrated man attaches his smartphone’s RAM to slow office computer

03, Sep 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. Ramesh, an employee of Brainblast Consulting Group, took a path-breaking initiative today by attaching his smartphone’s 2GB RAM to his office computer, which had been running slower than the Indian judiciary.

“My computer had just 1GB RAM, so you can guess how hellish my life was. I requested the management to upgrade it, but they were behaving as if I had asked for a salary hike!” Ramesh told Faking News.

Smartphone on computer keyboard
The solution was always there on the fingertips

“After waiting for two weeks, I decided to take control of the situation and attached my phone’s 2GB RAM to the system, and now it’s working like a charm,” Ramesh claimed.

“Running a system on 1GB RAM is like living below poverty line,” Ramesh explained why went for this jugaad, “They have banned Twitter and Facebook in office, so I used to play online games to pass time. It’s really tough to manage in 1GB RAM. Each time I shot a duck, my browser crashed.”

“Can you imagine the plight of booking an e-ticket on IRCTC using Internet Explorer and Windows Vista PC with 1GB RAM? You’d feel like donating your kidney to your PC if that helped. I just used my phone’s RAM,” the now-happy employee added.

Systems, HR, and Accounts departments of Brainblast Consulting Group have lauded Ramesh’s revolutionary initiative. They have recommended his name for “Innovator of the month” award and has asked its other employees to take inspiration and not be dependent on the company for such basic needs.

This incident from India’s Silicon Valley has also grabbed the attention of US tech bigwigs. Sources tell Faking News that Microsoft, after its recent acquisition of Nokia, is planning to acquire patent of Ramesh’s jugaad technology.

“It’s wonderful,” a Microsoft engineer said, “Our future Nokia phones will have functionality, where it can be attached to a PC running on Windows and the total RAM of PC will increase. This will kill Apple!”