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Frustrated Techie develops software to convert photoshopped profile pic into original pic

25, Oct 2015 By Rajesh Turlapati

Hyderabad: Satish Sharma, a software techie working in Hyderabad, has come up with an innovative software that brings out original picture from a photoshopped Facebook profile pic.

Techie whose frustration led to the software
Techie whose frustration led to the software

The software Nakli-2-Asli (N2A) can be freely downloaded on internet and can be used by any Facebook user.

Below are the features provided by the new software.

The software N2A automatically adds pimples on face detected on the input picture. Pimples are added using a specially designed Dimple-Pimple Algorithm.

N2A also has option to add wrinkles on face automatically, if person in photo ages 35 or more. This is one of the core features of the software.

N2A offers a Makeup removing feature, which is very essential for converting Facebook profile pics. Experts believe that this will have a high impact on female Facebook users.

The software checks if teeth are bright in photo, and if they are brighter than threshold levels, then it will color the teeth with yellow automatically.

The software also finds out any fake backgrounds in the photo, and removes them. If you have a photo-shopped pic with Kareena Kapoor in your FB profile, better take it away now.

Apart from above core features, N2A also provides ‘Removing facial glow’ and ‘Catch Fake photos’ features.

Satish Sharma, the creator of N2A software talked to Faking News and explained the reasons behind the invention.

“My friend Pappu Kumar changes his FB profile pic almost every day. When Pappu started using Facebook (2 years back), he used to take a selfie every day and add effects ( like adding makeup, whitening teeth, removing wrinkles etc) to it using Photoshop software and upload on FB,” Satish started explaining.,

“Slowly, Pappu began to change backgrounds. Few months back, He put Eiffel tower as his background, though he had never been out of India,”  he continued.

“Last week, He removed his photo and uploaded Salman Khan’s picture as his profile picture. I am a big fan of Sallu bhai, but it did not hurt me as it’s his profile and he has freedom to put any pic,” he continued.

“But, on Monday, it all changed,” Satish exclaimed.

“Pappu started photoshopping Salman’s pic, as he did not quite like Salman’s nose. He replaced Salman’s nose with Rajpal Yadav’s nose. He also added Rakhi Sawant’s lips to Salman. That’s it!!! I decided to develop the software,” revealed Satish.

Satish’s new software has already earning huge accolades from all over the world.  While Nitish Kumar using the software in Bihar Elections to expose photoshopped pics of Narendra Modi, KRK used the software to expose Poonam Pandey’s fake pics on twitter.