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Google designs Smart Cameras that will not record scenes of MPs getting rowdy in Parliament

20, Feb 2014 By notthatmp

New Delhi. After Parliament saw pepper spray attack and UP assembly saw MLAs protesting half-naked, efforts are on to make sure such scenes are not seen again.

Since elected representatives can’t be forced to behave, tech giant Google has proposed installation of “smart cameras” in legislative houses. These cameras will smartly filter scenes that bring shame to democracy.

UP MLAs protesting half naked
Google will save you from being exposed to such scenes in future

“Our cameras will be intelligent, motorized eyes that can respond to obscenities of all types e.g. audio, visual, and, even social and political. For instance, the moment a leader shouts something like ‘bhen’, our camera will zoom into another leader sleeping in the house so that people think that no abuses were exchanged and things are going normal,” Alok Nath, a Google representative explained how the recordings of legislative houses will be all cultured from now on.

Noticing the sparkle in our correspondent’s eyes, further elaborated, “Our smart sensors will immediately pick objectionable contents like currency note bundles, pornographic images, abusive words, naked humans, running humans, etc. and those images can be replaced with stock footage showing cultured behavior.”

“If required, the cameras can also shut themselves down before zooming on to the pictures of Ambedkar, Gandhi, and others hanging in the houses,” he added.

The Google representative said that these smart cameras could replace CCTV cameras, which are anyway not working in most places.

Mr. Nath further informed that these cameras could be programmed and customized for various organizations, making its application useful beyond the legislative houses.

“We can code and customize the cameras in a way that it will recognize and automatically start ‘live telecast’ of a mob attack. Such cameras can be installed in public places and used by TV channels,” Mr. Nath told Faking News.

“It is a very dynamic application area. We are already exploring other applications, such as cameras in Metro trains that look away when couples start kissing each other, or cameras in celebrities’ homes designed in the opposite way,” the Google man showed the future.