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Google goes the facebook way, Nexus One to suggest whom to call

09, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

California, USA. Google continues to learn from facebook; after opening up Google Wave for third party developers and introducing better networking and sharing features in it, Google has now tried to integrate the “suggestions” features of facebook into their latest offering – Nexus One, the android phone by Google. Based upon your call and chat history, Nexus One will suggest a list of people to call when you update your status.

Currently this feature has been released in its beta version and many people worldwide got a taste of it when they updated their status on Google Talk or Google Wave. Users had mixed feedback on this new feature, but most of them agreed that the suggestions were not way off the mark or random, as is perceived in the case of facebook suggestions.

Mika’s Nexus One and suggestions for him
Mika’s Nexus One and suggestions for him

Bhangra rap and pop singer Mika Singh was one of the few celebrities, who had a firsthand experience of this new feature on his brand new Nexus One. Mika was not too happy with the suggestions.

Kya yaar, why the hell was Rakhi on top of all? KLPD tha yeh toh. But I hope these are small bugs in the beta version, and they would take care of it.” Mika told Faking News, after Nexus One suggested him a few people to call as he updated his status message to “horny”.

But not all the people, who were suggested a calling list by Nexus One, thought that the suggestions feature was buggy. When 25-year-old Akshay Gupta, who was badly scolded by his boss earlier in the day, updated his status to “depressed”, Nexus One suggested him to call his MBA batchmates who had lost their jobs last year and were still unemployed.

“I felt good instantly.” said Akshay, congratulating the Google engineers to have integrated such a novel concept in a phone.

But some legal experts believe that Google, as well as facebook, is going too far in such innovations, and such practices amount to violation of a person’s privacy. Apart from legal problems, experts also foresee relationship troubles arising in a person’s life due to this feature.

“Imagine a wife checking up on her husband’s Nexus One and updating his status to ‘romantic’, ‘missing’, etc. and finding out that her name and number doesn’t appear in the suggestions list at all. Who will own up the responsibility for the troubles that would begin? Will Google compensate such families?” Adhiraj, a legal expert wondered.