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Google launches App that alerts busy online users about family members located within 1 meter

21, Aug 2015 By Rohit Ballurgi

California: Google on Monday unveiled a new app called GoogleHug, which alerts users to family members and spouses located within 100cm, encouraging them to start a conversation, or even a relationship.

Found one family member via GoogleHug
Found one family member via GoogleHug

“With more users using smartphones for finding a date/company, our new product notifies you of people in your immediate vicinity you hadn’t even remembered existed,” Google India marketing director Sandeep Menon told reporters here.

Already users of the app are seeing the benefits.

“I was sceptical at first. But then I downloaded the app and straight away it told me my wife was sitting next to me,” said, new user Harshawardhan Nawate, 35, a software professional. “She had registered for the app too, so we were able to connect. We’re going to catch up at some point next week hopefully. Who knows how things progress from there?”

Many social media addicts who were oblivious to the existence of their family members were happy at the prospect of rediscovering their loved ones.

“This app alerted me that one old man was in close proximity and when I questioned the man, he told me that he was my father. At first I couldn’t believe him. But then he showed me some old family photographs and I had no doubt that it was indeed my father. We are planning a big family reunion next week,” said Ravi Verma, who has been using GoogleHug for the past few weeks.

But others are not so sure. Sidhart Bambani, 23, a management student from Bangalore, said the app was very limited. “I only got one match – my girlfriend. When I swiped left there were no other matches. So that was a waste of time.”

‘GoogleHug’ is the first product launched by Google, ever since, Sundar Pichai, has taken the command as CEO.

“I am overwhelmed by the support that Indians have shown. We are launching this app exclusively for Indian users, as a token of gratitude,” Sundar Pichai tweeted.