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Google launches new glass, targeting Indian market, will show 360° view to help Indians safely cross the road

12, Sep 2016 By RT
Hyderabad: Google India has launched a new version of Google glass, customized for Indian market, that shows 360° view of things around the person who wears it. “This has been the need of the hour for several years now. Now, the moment has come to start wearing one”, a Google India official said, announcing the new visionary product.
Google Glass
Indian roads will be safe for you once you wear this innovation
“India is one of the biggest, and most interesting market and we always wanted to do something unique and exciting for the challenges of the modern everyday life in India. Apple’s iPhone 8 will already have Siri physically coming out of the phone and doing the household chores. Since Apple has got the home covered, we wanted to cover the next big thing: the road. With the new glass, covering 360°, one need not worry about the oncoming traffic in India”, the Google official said.
Explaining the rationale behind such an innovation, the Google official said, “In many parts of the world, one can easily cross a road checking one side of the road halfway and the other side for the next half. In India, people have to check both sides of the road, all the way, before crossing. And yet, they meet with accidents. Without a 360° view of things around a person, it is impossible for anyone to cross the road without getting hurt.”
Further, he added ,”I can cite a personal experience. The other day, while crossing the road, I looked both sides of the road for any oncoming vehicles. I looked down for any present pot holes and upcoming lakes. I felt totally safe at the end of the crossing and then it happened. I was hit right on my head with a flying object. A passenger from a passing bus threw a tender coconut right at my head. Boy! I gotta tell you! The impact was anything but tender. I never expected this attack. Earlier it used to be only banana skins and biscuit wrappers. This incident made me think 360° and our team immediately got to work.”
Other than giving a 360° view, the glass will literally voice out warnings on any potential threat on the road. Also, the view from the glass is with a zoom to give a 3D movie experience. It is like your own personal and playful navigation system. As per sources, the product will be named ‘Google Eye’
“One thing we want to make it very clear. The new glass is not going to look great on the eyes. It is not a fashion statement, we are not Apple who release fashion accessories as tech innovations. It is more like, ‘let’s face it’ statement”, the Google official cautioned Faking News.