Monday, 6th April, 2020


Google Maps adds new feature showing shortest distance to the riot place, Police starts using Apple maps

27, Feb 2020 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. Google Maps has come to the rescue of police and army men where they have added a feature that shows the shortest route to the riot happening place. This is sure to reduce the traveling time and quick action can be taken to stop violence from spreading.


But the home ministry in the new circular has directed the policemen to use Apple maps and for that most policemen will be given iPhones. The home ministry wants no policemen to use Google maps going forward. This according to the Home Ministry, is part of the modernization drive for the police.

A home ministry official spoke to Faking News and said “Why should only Civilians and normal public use iPhones, why can’t the police also use it. Police work so hard throughout their duty, even they should have access to the latest technology. Google and Android are good but not the premium class. We want our police to be the best in the world. And for that, we will provide them the best gadgets”

Just as the Supreme Court judge who was looking into the Delhi Violence case was transferred, the recent step doesn’t do any good to the image of the Home Ministry.