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Google sends special invite to Manmohan Singh to try Project Glass

06, Apr 2012 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is known to just look around at things without responding to real human beings, has been chosen by Google to try out Project Glass – special spectacles with features of a smartphone. PMO has been sent a special pair of glasses, which was worn by the Prime Minister during a parliamentary session for a brief time.

This is what Dr. Singh experienced (screenshots provided by Google exclusively to Faking News):

Project Glass for Manmohan Singh
Somehow, the glasses started on ‘silent mode’

Sibal's poetry on Project Glass
Kapil Sibal, the most internet-savvy minister in the cabinet who is also a poet, was the first to ping Dr. Manmohan Singh on Project Glass

President Prabiha Patil pings Manmohan Singh on Project Glass
Even though press reports suggest sour relationship between the government and the army, the President of India, chief commander of the armed forces, seems to enjoy a cordial relationship

Mamata Banerjee calls Manmohan Singh on Project Glass
Prime Minister soon faced one of the biggest challenges

Project Glass can re controlled remotely
This is what happened before PM could respond

Representatives at Google have termed the trial by Dr. Manmohan Singh as ‘successful’. However, they clarified that Project Glass would help other users take decisions, unlike as demonstrated in the trial by Dr. Singh.

“He is a special case,” a Google source said.