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Google to add 'Potholes' feature in Google Maps

30, Sep 2015 By bittertruth15

Bengaluru: Google has announced to add ‘Potholes’ feature in the ‘Maps’ app just like ‘Traffic’ and ‘Public Transit’. Google spoke person informed ‘Faking News’ that this new feature will be available in next release.

The latest feature of Google Maps will help you avoid potholes like these
The latest feature of Google Maps will help you avoid potholes like these

Initially this feature will be available only in Bengaluru city and further it will extend to other cities. Google also said that, it will use advance GPS, GIS technology, Weather information to locate and predict potholes on road.

Google is in talk with government departments (like PWD,BDA, BBMP) to fetch data like ‘What type of material used’, ‘Last pothole fixed’ and so on. This would help in predicting if citizens can expect more potholes en route.

Just like colors in ‘Traffic’ feature, same will added in ‘Potholes’

The colors indicate the ‘Number of Potholes’ on the road.

  • Green means there are no potholes
  • Orange means there are medium number of potholes
  • Red means ‘Road on potholes’. The more red, the more number of potholes

In Turn-by-Turn Navigation it would show ‘5 min slower due to more potholes’.

Hearing this motorist Chetan Murthy from Bengaluru is very happy. Speaking to Faking News he said, “When I checked Google maps, all I could see were red dots on the road which I was supposed to take. I wasted around an hour just figuring out an alternate route. But thanks to this new feature, finally I can know which road to take, which will also help in minimizing maintenance cost of my bike.”

Sachin Wagale from Mumbai said to FN that he will be waiting for this feature to be supported for Mumbai city. He also added that Google should add 3D model view to show the depth of the potholes.

“In rainy season these potholes are filled with water, it becomes difficult to identify if there is any road left in between the water filled potholes,” he said.