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Google working on a project to send encrypted audio messages, plans to hire Indian Railways announcers

18, Mar 2016 By @jurnoleast

California: Google’s latest project about ‘audio encryption’ will have a desi connection after the tech giant announced that it plans to hire announcers working with Indian Railways to work on the project.

Sundar Pichai giving a presentation to Google engineers with a gutkha packet
Sundar Pichai with a gutkha packet giving a presentation to Google engineers 

This will be Google’s second project with Indian Railways after tasting success with WiFi at Mumbai Central railway station.

Speaking to Faking News, Co-founder Larry Paige said, “As a tech company, secure data transfer is one of our primary concerns. We are taking ”Hello Google’ the next level. Now users can speak out their password, which will be an encrypted audio message, instead of physically typing password. FOr this we need audio messages that can only be understood by the user and no one else.”

“Sundar Pichai, our CEO introduced me to a few people who take care of public announcement system at Indian railway stations. It was interesting how the announcements made by them were understood by no one else but them. We thought it was a brilliant opportunity to have these people work on our project,” he said with a hint of excitement.

Apparently, a few railway announcers traveled to Google headquarters last month to give a demo to senior engineers.

Radhesyam Yadav, who works as a railway announcer at Mumbai Central station, was part of the group and shared his experience. He said, “They wanted to know how I could speak ‘encrypted audio messages’. I showed them how I cut 2 packets of gutkha and stuff it in my mouth and then make all the announcements. This is what I do every day. Passengers toh hame gaali dete hai ki hamari baat samajh nahi aati, lekin pata nahi inn google walon ki itna interest kyu hai.

CEO Sundar  Pichai, who’s scheduled to travel to India next month, has plans to hire a few announcers after going through a chunk of audio samples.

Sources also say that Google employees working on the project have been asked to ‘familiarize’ themselves with gutkha packets to start with.