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Govt. takes a tough stand, all further engagements with Tim Cook suspended till he visits Taj Mahal

20, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Apple CEO Tim Cook’s optimistic plans about furthering business interests in India has hit a roadblock after Govt. today announced that it will not engage in any talks with the CEO till he visits Taj Mahal.

Please take me to Taj Mahal, Now !
Please take me to Taj Mahal, Now !

Although the news was not made public, sources say that a letter has been issued from the PMO’s office asking the Apple Chief to ‘visit Taj asap’.

Speaking to Faking News a source from PMO close to the development said, “Mr. Cook pushed all the right buttons since he landed in India. Temple visit, SRK’s party, watching IPL match is a very good start I must say. We were almost sold on the idea of dumping refurbished iPhones in India. But then we realized that Mr. Cook has not done that one very important thing that is expected of him.”

“You mean he should say that he did it for Sachin?” questioned our reporter.

“No, I mean he should visit Taj Mahal. And not just visit, he should do the ‘lift the lid’ pose to show how much he enjoyed the trip,” added the source.

Many tech experts who are closely following the CEO’s visit were bewildered at the exclusion of ‘The Taj’ from Mr. Cooks itinerary. “If he really wants to create an impression on India he must visit the monument of love. I’d go even further to say that he should come up with something like iTaj, if he is serious about India,” said a tech expert.

There was no official word from Apple CEO’s contingent but a quick dash to the Taj wouldn’t do any harm. “If a Taj visit can help us dump a few iPhones, we’d do it pronto. Tim would be happy to oblige,” said senior official who was part of the Apple contingent.