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GST to open a Facebook page, people supporting with a 'like' will get one month exemption from taxes - GST council

01, Jul 2017 By RT

New Delhi. GST council has announced that a Facebook page will be opened for advertising and promoting GST in the country. People who support the page with a ‘like’ will get one month exemption from taxes, the council has further announced. The exemption starts from the day of the ‘like’ and continues for 30 days, it is learnt by Faking News.

“The success or popularity of a person, a policy or a pressing issue is determined in the social media, nowadays. A hashtag, Facebook page and number of likes on it, Tweets and WhatsApp forwards and the comments collectively project the success. We agree that some WhatsApp comments are objectionable and the admins are arrestable. With GST, we are making an exemption. People are invited to speak their minds out,” a council member told Faking News.

The announcement has created an uproar among the youth of the country, many of them simply live to like Facebook posts. Now, with this announcement, they can have a tax-free living for a month, by doing what they like to do all day and all nights.

“I like this GST. I like to like it in Facebook. Guess what? I am going to invite my friends to like it too. Is there any exemption if your referrals like the page?” a girl who has barely crossed her teenage years asked Faking News.

Answering the question about the implementation of tax-free month, the council member said, “We encourage Facebook users to attach Aadhaar card number with their user accounts. The bank account anyways has the attachment now. We will directly deposit the tax refund to the bank account. If one also likes the Digital India page and the UIDAI page, he or she will get further benefits,” the council member told Faking News.

Upon learning the development, Facebook India is going to double up the servers to handle unusual surge in the number of likes and number of new user accounts, it is learnt by Faking News. Meanwhile, the Jio advertising and marketing team has written to the council giving a warning about giving anything free for people for a limited period. After one month, people will press on the like again in Facebook and ask the question ‘Why not continue ho gaya?’ Jio’s warning letter to the council read.