Guy who sold his kidney to buy iPhone 6S now wants to sell his brains to buy iPhone SE

26, Mar 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: A Bandra resident by name Somesh Bandookwala who created prime time news last year by selling his kidney to buy an iPhone 6S, has now declared that he is planning to buy Apple’s newly launched iPhone SE and add it to his revered collection.

Selling kidneys for iPhones is passe, it's turn of the brain
Selling kidneys for iPhones is passe, it’s turn of the brain now

Since he does not have enough money to buy this gadget he has even claimed to have put his brains up on sale on OLX and other buy-sell websites.

Somesh has apparently spent crores of rupees over past few years in buying each and every product Apple has ever launched in India and abroad.

Somesh’s elder sister Sonia who has given-up on his obsession, talked to media and provided more details. She said, “I don’t think anyone is going to buy his brains kyonki uske upar ka mala to ekdum khaali hai (his upper floor is vacant). Otherwise he would not have spent lakhs and crores on these overpriced apple products. We used to explain to him the futility of buying such products but after he traded his kidney last year, we lost all hopes. And I do not understand this obsession with a brand. I still use my old phone and it works very well.”

Sonia displayed her old Nokia 1100 phone to us when it suddenly slipped off her hands and fell on the ground with a bang, leaving a big crack on the granite tile. The phone was unharmed though.

“See how strong this phone is, once I used this to smash the head of a guy who tried to molest me. He has become a Ghajini now. I don’t need an Apple or Orange or Sapota,” Sonia smiled and said.

Somesh on the other hand ferociously defends his right to freedom of buying new Apple phones. He said, “I currently have 11 iPhones, 8 iPads, 5 Macbooks, 3 Apple watches and 22 other apple cords and accessories. I have also collected thousands of fancy iPad stands. iPhone covers and backgrounds. But I do not understand a feeling of growing intolerance in this country towards my innocuous habits. I understand that owing to my unique habits I am a unique one. In other words I am minority and we are perhaps not liked. I was talking to my girlfriend Kiran the other day and she said do we even want to stay in this country? Do we even see a future here with kids and all?”

While Somesh is raising some brand-new questions for country’s intelligentsia to fight for, he still claims to be a top-notch nationalist and asserts that he loves his nation to the core. To prove the extent of his nationality he has even set the tricolor theme as wallpaper on all his usable phones and ipads.