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Humans will have to undergo eye surgery to view the next generation of retina display: Tim Cook

10, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

California: Pushing technological boundaries to a degree never seen before, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a glimpse of what customers could expect with the next generation of iPhone’s.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Speaking to reporters at Apple headquarters, he said, “We always believe in going beyond what is possible and that brings us to the next generation of iPhone’s. By coming up with an improvised version of retina display, we are planning to give our customers a visual treat. For that they will have to undergo an eye surgery, but trust me it’s worth it.”

Apparently, Tim Cook’s idea of retina display was inspired by ‘mantis shrimp’, a marine sea creature that can identify colors invisible to human eye. “It’s a colorful world out there; we urge our customers to get the eye surgery done and experience something magical,” said the CEO.

Apple fans are already lining up outside clinics to get operated, just like apple events; there were serpentine queues here too.

“I can’t believe this is happening. I always wanted much more from my apple iPhone. The old display looks dated, so I am getting my eyes an upgrade to keep with the new retina display. But, I am not sure about the cost of the new iPhone, so I am planning to operate only one eye and sell my second eye to fund the device,” said an apple fan standing outside the clinic.

With a technology that is decades ahead of its time, industry experts are speculating about Apple’s next offering. “I think they will do away with the stylus, its passé. Apple customers will instead have to grow a sixth finger that will act like a stylus. If you are wondering what the ‘6’ in iPhone 6 stands for, then the answer to that is the 6th finger, said Tim Rogers, a Silicon Valley tech-guru.