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Husband asks WhatsApp for further encryption that stops his wife from reading his chats

06, Apr 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. While 28 years old Kapil Verma has welcomed the decision by WhatsApp to encrypt all chats, he is not happy with the level of encryption being provided by the chat application.

“I understand that now the government or any hacker won’t be able to read my chats, but what about Rashmi?” Kapil asked, referring to his wife whom he suspects of checking his WhatsApp to see if he still chats with his ex-girlfriend.

One of the solutions provided by Kapil is to make WhatsApp launch only after reading fingerprints

“I don’t have a problem with this government reading all my chats. Arey I will take print out and send it to the Home Minister if he wants to read, but I want to stop my wife, that is the biggest concern and it hasn’t been addressed at all by them. WhatsApp must look for a solution for this on priority”, the beleaguered husband demanded the security solution from WhatsApp.

When probed further by our senior reporter in charge of investigations, Kapil agreed that he had indeed been chatting with Maya, his ex-girlfriend.

“I have saved her contact as Manish,” he disclosed the text encryption method he had employed.

“But I can’t change the messages I receive, and my wife can figure out that I’m chatting to a girl if she reads it. Till now I’ve been deleting chats, but what if one day I forget to do that?” Kapil asked.

When we talked to Rashmi, she confirmed that she indeed used to check WhatsApp on her husband’s phone almost every day.

“I change my DP every day, and I check WhatsApp on his phone to see how my new pic looks on other’s mobiles. I hope this encryption thing doesn’t change the pics!” she said anxiously.