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"I knew he will grow up to be a CEO when I put him in hospital cradle": Nurse from hospital where Google CEO was born

12, Aug 2015 By manithan

Chennai: Right from the minute the announcement of his ascension to CEO position of Google was made, every other news channels and journalists were camping in different corners of the city, trying to get an idea of how others viewed Sundar Pichai. But, we took an innovative step (just like Google) and tracked his life, right from his birth.

Sundar Pichai in Stanford dorm room sporting khakhi pants with a saffron sky in background
Sundar Pichai in Stanford dorm room sporting khakhi pants with a saffron sky in background

We met a nurse from the hospital where Sundar was born (though the hospital was remodeled, including its name and shifted to a different location, we somehow decided that it must be the hospital where he must had taken birth).

Meenamma, the 63-year old nurse, replied to our question, “It all feels like as though it happened yesterday. They hadn’t named that one day old baby as Sundar yet, but now I can exactly remember the baby from the face that flashed on TV screens today. The baby I kept on the hospital cradle next to his sleeping mom, I knew back then, that he will become like this, a big guy in a great US company. Sundar was just crying all the time as a one day old baby. But now, he is making me laugh in joy. I feel immensely proud today.”

We then met Raja, who claims that he had overtaken Sundar when both were crawling in Raja’s home. Raja said, “It was 42 years ago. Our parents and Sundar’s parents were neighbors. Sundar’s dad once brought him to our home. I was eating the table leg, when he came and sat next to me. We started crawling at the same time, but I overtook him,” beamed Raja.

“He continued crawling up the ladder, while I’m now crawling below tables to clean floors in my home,” concluded Raja, as his tone grew more melodramatic.

Sundar’s kindergarten teacher then shared her experience of teaching Sundar. Rani, now a 70-year old retired teacher, said, “I could exactly remember Sundar Pichai. He was very bright back then. He was very eager in learning alphabets. Back then, I knew that he will become a ruler of Alphabet in future. If not for me, he would not have known Alphabets and hence, he should owe his success to me.”

We also met several other personalities who knew Sundar very well, like, Suresh, who once crossed his home 30 years ago; Lakshmi, who went to the same school as Sundar 15 years later; Robert, who pumped air into the back wheel of Sundar’s bicycle 32 years ago; Ajmal, who ate in next table of Sundar’s family 30 years ago and Srinivasan, a distant relative of Sundar’s father, who lastly enquired about Sundar’s SSLC marks and threw away his landline 27 years ago.