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IIT Delhi develops "Famometer" to measure amount of defamation

26, May 2014 By Pen10

New Delhi. IIT Delhi today unveiled their latest innovation: the “Famometer”. A Famometer measures the amount of defamation caused to a person by a statement made by another person.

“The Famometer is a foolproof device to determine how much a person has been defamed by another person,” said the professor leading the research at IIT Delhi.

The SI unit of defamation.
The SI unit of defamation.

“The project has been funded by the Indian Law Ministry at the behest of the Judiciary as the Judiciary is finding it difficult to decide a lot of defamation cases. This device will help the Judiciary swiftly dispose all such cases,” he added.

“The basic unit of defamation is gadkari,” a research scholar working on the project revealed in the press conference, “1 gadkari is the minimum amount of defamation felt by Mr. Nitin Gadkari before he files a defamation suit. We have carefully calibrated the device by showing Mr. Nitin Gadkari videos, audio clippings, and printed material of various statements made on him and measuring his brain impulses.”

“In the future we want to calibrate two more measures,” the professor leading the research said, “One is the absolute 0 of defamation, which is defined as the point beyond which one can not be defamed any further. We are enlisting Mr. Digvijay Singh’s help to calibrate this. The other measure is 1 patiala of defamation which is the amount of defamation beyond which a court refuses to release an accused on personal undertaking.”

The IIT Delhi team has filed for a patent on the technology. “We expect the technology to be in great demand as the number of defamation suits are rising by the day,” the professor said.

“We have followed all international guidelines on human testing of technology for this product. We expect the product to be in the market by next year. It will be priced at around ₹500 and there will be a 10% discount for anyone who has filed more than five defamation suits in any Indian court.”