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IIT student develops gadget to help Mayawati statues join Twitter

30, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Kanpur. With a special police force to protect them from evil doers, statues of Mayawati could now peacefully speak up their mind on Twitter. Sounds unbelievable? But this has been made possible by Avinash Singh, a final year Electronics and Communication Engineering student at IIT Kanpur, who has designed a gadget that could create automated tweets for Mayawati statutes based upon the surroundings and ongoing events in the vicinity.

The gadget is in shape of a small box-like device with sensor cables coming out of it. These cables would take inputs from the environment in form of temperature, wind speed, humidity levels, decibel levels, luminosity levels, etc. apart from other inputs from the data points defined at various physical spots on the statue such as on the head, near toe, on hands, et al.

A sample of what Mayawati statue’s tweets might look like
A sample of what Mayawati statue’s tweets might look like

“There would be hundreds of pre-defined messages under 140 characters that would be coded in the gadget software. Based upon the mix of inputs received from various sensing points and parameters, one of those messages would be selected as output and finally updated on Twitter as a status message i.e. a tweet,” Avinash tried to explain the working of his gadget to a mix of journalists and BSP supporters.

For example, the tweet by a Mayawati statue could be – Oh shit! It’s raining, and I don’t have an umbrella! But I am happy for my farmer brothers – when the sensors detect rain based on humidity and moisture level in the environment. And say, if the sensor records high amount of decibel levels, the Mayawati statue could tweet – So much noise! Seems like Rahul Baba is out with his band of sycophant followers. What noobs!

Similarly, the sensors situated at various physical spots of the statues could help generate custom tweets e.g. the sensor on the head of the stature could result in the following tweet – Oh no! The pigeon has crapped again. Please tell the policemen to come up with soap and water.

“I am sure that with the help of Behenji, we can come up with thousands of pre-recorded tweets that could be mapped to a mix of various inputs so that the tweets become more and more real. This will give a whole new life to the statues and people would be able to follow them even when they are traveling or in office,” Avinash made a case for his gadget and hoped to meet Chief Minister Mayawati to get official sanction for his project.

Mayawati is likely to review the proposal from Avinash in a cabinet meeting slated to be held this Monday.