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Instagram crashes after guy uses 174 hashtags in his post

12, Jul 2017 By Akash Vadera

On Tuesday night, Instagram users were dejected to see that Instagram was down for 7 hours. The exact reason for its crashing was not revealed by their technical team until today morning. And the reason is as shocking as it can get. Instagram had crashed due to an Instagram user from Mumbai, using 174 hashtags in his post. Yes, 174 hashtags in a single post!

The name of the guy is Salim Hashmi or as he likes to call himself Salim #me. We interviewed the guy about his stint and he said, “See, that was not my fault. Many Instagram users use many hashtags. In fact, Instagram runs because of it. Just like Ranveer Singh’s body runs on hash, Instagram runs on hashtags. Putting 100 tags in a post is quite common for me. I have 1784 posts on Instagram till now. No sorry.. 1785 posts.”

We realized he had clicked a picture of our interviewer and posted it on Instagram with the caption ‘Getting interviewed guyzz. Having funnn’ and used 94 hashtags for it, all of this within a minute. We continued to interview him.

He added, “Just because someone is overusing a feature that is freely available doesn’t mean that the app should crash. It’s Zuckerberg’s fault.” Meanwhile, he again posted a photo on Instagram without us realizing it.

When asked what the fault of other users was to deserve this, he stated, “Do you think I don’t care about other users? My own brother is so much addicted to Instagram that he loves biryani pics on Instagram more than the actual biryani. When Instagram crashed, he..” he controls his tears “he didn’t eat anything that night because he couldn’t see the foodgasm and foodporn hashtag. Even my family was affected by it, so don’t blame me because I didn’t do it intentionally,” while he posts 2 more posts taking the post count to 1788.

We asked him not to click further selfies in our office, to which he fumed and replied, “This is a free India. And instagram is a free media. I will click and post wherever I want to. And I will use as many hashtags as I want to. I will use them while speaking too. Here.. #mahlyf #mahrulezz #instapic #instagood #L4L #f4f #igers #picoftheday #foodporn #foodgasm #angry #picstar #attitude #swag #mdhmasala #chunkypandey.” We had to escort him out of the office.