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iPhone 8 feature: Apple to replace phone camera with human eye

18, Aug 2017 By itsmihir1993

In pursuit of another revolution in the world of smartphones, tech giant Apple announced that a human eye will replace the phone camera in their latest addition to the fleet of smartphones — the iPhone 8. In a recent event held to announce the development, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “Enough with selling phones in the name of camera! This time around, we have specifically worked in the field of innovation to bring our customers something they secretly always craved for — a new feature.”


He further went on to say that after the launch of moonlight cameras from competitors, it was getting difficult for them to remain in the limelight. “People buy iPhones for various features such as camera, camera, and camera. Hence, it is necessary to do something new every time with the camera to make the phone saleable,” he said.

An Apple technician, explaining the latest feature, told us, “We will also provide a pair of sunglasses for the human eye equipped in the phone. Users can place sunglasses over the human eye every time they want to click pictures using filters.”

An ecstatic iPhone maniac who attended the event was all jubilant about the new feature. He said, “I have already made a photography page on Facebook before coming to this event. Besides, iPhone 8 has got an actual upgrade in the camera, so Android users cannot say that we’re dumb to shell out money on a phone with the same features. So what if the phone is priced at Rs 250,000? Higher the price, the more I can show off.”

When we asked Tim whether or not people will buy the expensive phone, he replied, “I’m a Mahatma Gandhi disciple and I believe in ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind enough to spend money just to show off’.”