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iPhone 8 will have Siri physically coming out of the phone and doing all the household chores: Tim Cook

08, Sep 2016 By @jurnoleast

San Francisco: Apple CEO Tim Cook who unveiled iPhone 7 yesterday at San Francisco, also gave Apple fans something to drool about as he revealed what the next offering of iPhone would offer.

Tim Cook already excited about iPhone 8
Tim Cook already excited about iPhone 8

Apparently, iPhone 8 will have Siri physically coming out of the smartphone and responding to user commands

Senior Developers at Apple say that the idea was to create a smartphone that would go beyond voice enabled response to questions. “We wanted the iPhone to make life easier for users. So we came up with the idea of having Siri come out and actually respond to commands,” said a senior developer at Apple.

“It will be something like Aladdin’s lamp. Users will have to scratch the back of the iPhone 8 and Siri will appear before them, in person. It will respond to your commands and do activities that you ask it to do. Now mowing your backyard, cleaning the utensils, babysitting and so on is just a scratch away,” he added.

Apple fans reacted positively to this news with many holding back iPhone 7 purchase, hoping to buy the next offering in six months.

As the company seeks to push technological boundaries, questions are being raised about ‘mis-use of Siri’.

“Apple needs to understand that if iPhone 8 falls in the wrong hands it could lead to disaster. God forbid if Trump becomes the President, he could use Siri to build a wall or worse still get his hair styled,” said a tech analysts and Hillary Clinton supporter.

But iPhone engineers allayed all fears by stating that all checks are in place to prevent mis-use.

Back home in India, a silent rebellion is brewing among domestic helps who feel Siri could take away their jobs. “If this Siri comes to India it will do all the cleaning and mopping and rendering us useless. We are not educated enough to find regular jobs. We will be forced to join politics. We want the Govt. to intervene,” said Gangubai, Head of Mumbai Kaamwalibai Association.

Political parties meanwhile are doing their best to milk the situation. On his latest campaign trail, Rahul Gandhi reportedly picked up a broom and started sweeping a random street in Delhi to express solidarity with domestic help community.