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IRCTC launches swimsuits, will open only after multiple attempts

19, Jun 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. To stop incidents like wardrobe malfunction or random stripping acts by wannabe Poonam Pandeys, IRCTC has launched range of innerwear and swimsuits that will open only after multiple failed attempts – just like the IRCTC website.

These branded clothes will go on sale next week and common people as well as fashion designers are expected to buy them.

Swimsuit Model
A randomly googled swimsuit model

“Once you put the clothes on, it will start behaving like the IRCTC website,” Mukul Kapadia, the engineer and designer of the latest brand of apparels informed, “It won’t open in the first attempt at all. It will keep you in the waiting list even after you take all the necessary steps.”

“There won’t be any tatkal option to put the clothes off,” he added.

When asked why did IRCTC choose to launch only innerwear and not formal suits or uniforms, Mr. Kapadia claimed that such products wouldn’t have helped people.

“People need to change jobs e.g. cricketers could change their clubs frequently with new T20 professional leagues coming up. They’d need to change their uniforms frequently and hence we thought we should launch only innerwear,” Kapadia justified the business sense of the Indian Railways.

IRCTC claims that the new range of clothes will be immensely helpful in stopping wardrobe malfunctions during fashion shows.

When Faking News pointed out that the fashion shows organizers would rather trigger such malfunctions than do anything to stop them, Mukul Kapadia enumerated other benefits of the IRCTC innerwear.

“Common man can use them on the beach or in the swimming pool to avoid public embarrassment. Or we as a society can force people like Poonam Pandey or Salman Khan, who are always eager to shed their clothes in a jiffy, to wear them,” he said.

The announcement by IRCTC has evoked mixed response from the common man.

“This is another useless product by the Indian Railways, like their website,” one person claimed.

“I wish they had launched home security system like digital locks, which will require a person to re-enter the same password to open doors of different rooms, including bathrooms, even if the main door has been opened,” suggested another person.