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IRCTC website running slow due to fog: committee report

20, Dec 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. A high level technical committee formed by IRCTC to look into the perennial problem of the website running slow has come up with its interim report. The committee has claimed that the website is currently running slow due to fog.

“IRCTC servers are present in Delhi and it’s very foggy out there, which has resulted in slow execution of codes on the server. Especially during the morning hours when Tatkal window opens, situation is very bad due to dense fog,” said Kohram Singh, one of the experts of the committee.

Fog in Delhi
IRCTC server and codes

This is the first time fog has been found to impact traffic on to a website, even though it often impacts rail, air, and road traffic.

“You see, the whole process of ticket booking takes place in various steps, during which blocks of programming codes get executed. But due to intense fog all around, it’s hard for application to move freely from one block of code to another. Even data from the database is coming late,” Kohram Singh explained.

According to the interim report by the committee, duration between two steps while booking a ticket, which is expected to take 2-4 seconds in normal conditions, is taking 15 to 20 minutes currently.

The report further claims that there is possibility of “accidents” if the codes are forced to be run normally.

“Our codes are not that robust and even our infrastructure, which means servers, are a bit outdated. It is highly probable that if they execute in a hurry, they may get derailed from execution flow and collide with other ongoing processes,” an IRCTC engineer told Faking News.

“It will generate some kind of error or a person may end up booking ticket to Patna, while booking a ticket to Patiala,” he explained.

Following the report, IRCTC has clarified that it can’t do anything and people have to put up with it just like they put up with the fact that trains run late and air traffic gets disrupted during this time of year.

However, they have promised to help stranded ticket bookers on the website. Inquiry counters and additional helpline are being made operational to update them about their ticket booking status.

When asked if people could hope for any solutions in the final report, Kohram Singh couldn’t give any definitive reply.

“See, some people suggested moving the servers to Mumbai or Bangalore, but we know that traffic is horrible even in those cities,” he explained the predicament of IRCTC, “But we are trying to do something.”

He ruled out moving the IRCTC servers to cloud, because cloud is also a kind of fog.