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ISRO dismayed after learning that Pratibha Patil had traveled more distance than Mangalyaan

24, Sep 2014 By Prasanna Narayanan

Bangalore. As soon as Mangalyaan entered into Mars orbit after traveling a distance of 650 million kilometers, massive celebrations began at the ISRO control room.

But their happiness was short-lived, as they got a WhatsApp message mentioning that their pet project Mangalyaan has not yet broken the record of traveling the most distance by an Indian entity.

Pratibha Patil
The journey of a light years begins with one step.

On receiving the message, a dismayed ISRO chief told our correspondent Marsilamani, “Our entire team has put in their efforts to make Mangalyaan the first Indian entity to travel the most distance. But who would have thought that we would be left far behind in the race. We still have a long way to go and we have not yet lost hope.”

ISRO is now planning to depute a special team to research into the travel schedule of the former president to calculate how far behind they are in the race.

Going by the initial reports, ISRO is afraid that the distance could be in light years.

A close aide of Pratibha Patil said, “Our madam was totally dedicated to the task of building ties with all countries. This was done only for the benefit of our motherland. Record does not matter for her.”

On contacting Smt Patil, she told us, “It sure is a matter of pride to be the record holder. I only wish that I had one more chance to travel. Last when I spoke to the ISRO Chief, he had promised that he would help me embark on a trip to Mars. But this could never happen during my tenure. Well, what else can I say, my dream of visiting Mars still remains unfulfilled.”

Meanwhile, on hearing that the entire Mars Mission cost only Rs. 450 crores, Beni Prasad Verma commented, “Rs. 450 crores is a small amount for a space project. If It was Rs. 45000 crores, I would have taken it seriously.”

(Editor’s note: It was pointed out by some on Twitter that Ramesh Srivats had tweeted something very similar. This article was a user contributed article that we chose to transfer from My Faking News, and we leave it upon the contributor to clarify the similarity. Update: the contributor has clarified that he used Mr. Srivats tweet to write the story. The clarification tweet is here.)