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Kapil Sibal’s $35 computer labeled as Micromax Tablet killer

30, Sep 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Technology experts believe that the $35 tablet to be launched by the HRD Ministry will surely prove to be a “Micromax Tablet killer” if not an “iPad killer”. This was declared in an emergency meeting of experts that took place to reassess the potential of government’s tablet after Amazon’s “Kindle Fire” didn’t appear anything like an iPad killer, as it was being projected by some experts.

“We didn’t want to go wrong again,” Harish Krishnan, a leading technology blogger and expert said, “There was complete agreement among us that Sakshat (name of the $35 tablet) will not be an iPad killer, but we had some heated discussion on whether it can be a Kindle Fire killer or a Samsung Galaxy Tab killer.”

Kapil Sibal with his $35 laptop Sakshat
The prototype of the $35 tablet was unveiled in September last year by HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, but two months after that he replaced A Raja.

The meeting of the technological experts took place in a totally parliamentary manner, Harish informed. The motion to dub Sakshat as Kindle Fire killer or a Samsung Galaxy Tab killer was rejected by a voice vote.

“We would have had a vote to choose between one of these two options if the motion was adopted,” Harish, who acted as the Speaker in the meeting, described the proceedings.

The proceedings were not without interruptions as many experts kept on shouting to prove their point.

“We expunged the remarks of a few fellows who kept on yelling that Sakshat will surely be an iPad killer,” Harish revealed, “These were the same guys who had earlier labeled Google Wave as Facebook killer and Facebook email as Gmail killer. We don’t trust them anymore.”

A group of experts who wanted the $35 tablet to be called Casio Calculator killer or a Chor Bazaar Tablet killer staged a walkout amidst the din as the remaining experts decided to go ahead and choose a suitable sobriquet for the tablet, which could be launched next week.

“A lot of options were discussed, but we decided to play safe and chose a brand that doesn’t yet exist, so that people can’t compare the features,” Harish informed about the masterstroke that experts came up with to circumvent criticism.

“We realized that it’s not easy to outsmart Kapil Sibal. We had to play the same game, hence we decided to come up with a ‘notional’ brand,” Harish explained, “A brand of tablet that doesn’t exist, but is not too hard to imagine e.g. tablets by companies like Lava, Lemon, Zen, Carbonn, or Maxx.”

The experts finally agreed on Micromax so that its brand ambassador Akshay Kumar, who claims to be a devout follower of Maa Durga, gets some news coverage during Navratri days.