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After left and right swipe, Tinder to introduce a bottom swipe that expresses interest to become a terrorist

30, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

To match the need of youth, popular dating app Tinder has announced a special feature in its upcoming update. The app will also provide an option of expressing the need to become a terrorist besides regular accept and reject options.


The new feature in their app seems to be inspired from the story of terrorist Sabzar Ahmed, who was killed by Indian army last Wednesday.Terrorist Sabzar Ahmed chose terrorism because of a failed love story.

Sabzar tried to prove hate is stronger than love but couldn’t. Sabzar Ahmed’s story has once again established the fact that the ultimate result of one-sided love could be worse than anyone can expect.

Well it may be shocking to everyone but social media app and dating apps are seeing this as a big opportunity. 

According to Tinder’s CEO Mr. Aphrodisiac, the feature will initially be available only for the female audience where they can swipe bottom to suggest guys to become terrorists.

Social Media has gone berserk over the news, taking a dig on the news, a popular twitter account @FrustratedHusband tweeted “e-Commerce websites should also come up with similar feature where if someone else try to shop from your phone, phone releases a bullet from the front camera”. 

A few guys who got bottom swiped from girls told Faking News that as soon as a girl bottom swipes you on Tinder, App takes you to a new page where you get to chat with the supreme leaders of famous terror organizations such as Hizbul, Lashkar, ISIS and Al Qaida.

Let’s see how the story unfolds and how many people get ready to be as brain dead as Sabzar Ahmed that they leave their family and their dreams only to become terrorist after being dumped by a girl.