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Linux Workshop to be held in Mumbai, BMC plans to ban Windows usage for 7-days across the city

11, Sep 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Net-neutrality and OS-neutrality experts across Mumbai were up in arms on social media, after rumors were out that BMC plans to ban windows usage across the city for 7-days. This ban apparently is being put in place considering a large-scale Linux workshop that will be held in Mumbai starting next week.

Windows ban to appease minority Linux users
Windows ban to appease minority Linux users

“When will this minority appeasement end?” Sunil Kopykar, a windows lover screamed on Facebook.

He further said, “Linux is loved and used only by a minority community in India and I understand that BMC cares for feelings of this minority. But majority of netizens use Windows OS for surfing internet and playing games. A lot of us also use it for constructive purposes such as googling. How can BMC play with the well-being of majority of windows users?

Zubin Keyboardwala a scrap metal businessman from Ghatkopar echoed same views on his Orkut scrapbook, “I just cannot stay without my Windows OS. I ought to use it at least 10 times a day, check FB, Twitter, Orkut, what not. I can even stay without meat; I can withstand those carnivorous cravings, but life without Windows OS? I can’t just imagine it. I suggest BMC to stop appeasing Linux minorities and focus on developing infrastructure in the state, such as tech infrastructure, good data centers and hardware centers in the city.”

While it is not yet clear that this ban will officially be implemented or not, many cyber-café owners in Mumbai have started to temporarily remove windows from their computers with immediate effect.

One cyber-café owner spoke to us on conditions of anonymity. He said, “These days most people have internet on phone so no one visits cyber café for genuine work. A huge chunk of people coming to cyber-café’s are actually sex-deprived couples who get inside the private cubicles and make out. And in most of the cases the boy who gets the girl records the make-out session on webcam and sells on internet as XYZ desi scandal. All these requirements can easily be satisfied on Red Hat or Fedora, why do we need Windows for that? So we are playing safe in line with future regulations and uninstalling windows from all our computers,” he concluded.