Man blocks promotional texts from Ola; Ola CEO visits house with new offers

30, Nov 2017 By itsmihir1993

The Ola mobile application is being downloaded by an increasing number of people to get notifications about the attractive offers that the cab giant provides in every city, except the one the user lives in.

Many people have resorted to uninstalling the application in order to avoid getting disturbed while sleeping, taking a dump, travelling in an Uber, etc.

The mobile application, which sends notifications day in and out, was recently uninstalled by a Mumbai man after he got frustrated by the streak of promotional SMSes from Ola.

However, uninstalling the application did not give him any respite as the Ola CEO himself showed up at his house with promotional offers. “They would send me an SMS asking if I ‘want to ride back home’ when I was already home, and an SMS asking if I ‘want to reach office’ when I was already in the office,” said the man.

Frustrated, the man uninstalled the application only to find the Ola CEO at his doorstep the next day. “As soon as I opened the door, he started reciting all the promotional SMSes. He then requested me to book him an Uber cab so he can return home,” said the horrified man.

“I downloaded the Ola application so I can use it as the alarm. Forget waking me up at the right time, the notifications never allowed me to sleep in the first place. I got depressed and also lost my job,” said another man, who claims to have joined Ola as a driver after losing his job.

Ola drivers are lately considered notorious for cancelling rides at the last minute. “Next time around, I’ll uninstall the application and reinstall it just before the CEO arrives. That’s how Ola drivers cancel rides—at the last minute,” said another Mumbai-based user of the mobile application.