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Man fined for not using Whatsapp while walking on the road

07, Jun 2015 By Shikhar Nilabh

New Delhi: Not wearing a helmet while riding a bike, or crossing the road without looking around is normal, but a man crossed all the limits as he is caught walking on the road without a phone in his hand. The police immediately took him aside and imposed a high penalty for behaving carelessly and risking his life. The incident got the attention of all the people present around, except the ones who were actually using Whatsapp.

Talking to our reporter, a witness said “I saw him crossing the road and was about to apply the brakes, but he ran towards the end of the road all by himself. I was so infuriated that I wanted to hand him over to the police straight away. But then I got to reply on a Whatsapp group, so I continued driving.”

Checking WhatsApp? Keep walking

The man wanted to pay the fine in cash, but the police were adamant to accept it only through Paytm wallet. The man in his defense, said that he was using Whatsapp till the last bus stop he walked through, but because his data pack was over, he kept his mobile inside. However the time of ‘last seen at’ implies otherwise. The police have invalidated the Facebook account he has shown as his identity proof as his display photo is very old and unedited. The guy claimed that he was going on a date with a girl but they are reluctant to believe him as he has not updated any status about it. The man contended that he has been talking with that girl for a long time but what amazes them most is all the talking happened in real and nothing on Whatsapp.

One of the police said, “Some people just don’t realize the importance of using Whatsapp or Facebook during walking. They are so careless that they don’t even post the status about the latest earthquake or check in at the restaurant they visit once in every two years. It is like playing with the emotions of all those people who love them and are dying to know what they are doing. He has muted all the whatsapp groups and always remains vigil on the road which is completely opposite of how he is expected to behave. It is also irksome for the traffic to find him as the only person walking through the zebra crossing which otherwise is meant to be ignored by pedestrians. The drivers can relax these days by resting their hands on the horn, but if more people become like him, they have to stop pressing the horn.”

The police let him go after a fine charged under ‘roaming without Whatsapp’ law. They have planned to make the law stringent in future by making the defaulters set their status ‘can’t talk, Whatsapp only’ for whole one year or making them forward a chain message to all of their contacts.