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Man shattered to find iPhone 6 being launched minutes after he had purchased iPhone 5s

10, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A 26 year old man Badkismat Awasthi was today left completely shattered after he found iPhone 6 being unveiled, minutes after he bought iPhone 5s.

Just back from purchasing the gadget, Awasthi opened his laptop to tweet and post status on Facebook about his new possession, but to his utter dismay just as about he was to tweet, he read tweets about the announcement of iPhone 6 by Apple.

Frustrated and angry.
Frustrated and angry.

He was shocked to find out that the model he had just purchased was now technologically socially obsolete.

“This is ridiculous. Now who will compensate for the opportunity that I have lost of showing it off in office. They will all laugh on me if they come to know the model number,” Badkismat screamed as he threw his iPhone away.

“And by the time I am done understanding features of this one, god only knows how many more models of iPhone would be launched by then,” he cried

But Badkismat confessed he already had an inkling while buying the phone.

“Back of my mind when I was purchasing it, I had this feeling I am already late and was praying they don’t launch a new iPhone in meantime,” he confirmed.

When asked why he took 10 months to purchase iPhone 5s when it was available from way back in November 2013 in India, he shot back, “Bhai itna time toh lag hi jata hai paisa ikhatta karne mein. Koi gaadi ya flat jaisi sasti cheez thodi hai ki aaj decide kiya aur kal khareed liya.”

“I wanted to be doubly sure before making the purchase,” added Awasthi, who sold off his 2 BHK flat in Chembur and kept his kidney on mortgage to gather funds for the purchase.

His close friends too sympathized with Badkismat and claimed they too have failed to keep pace with Apple’s speed of announcing one iPhone models after another.

“Last time I over slept by 2-3 hours and woke up to find 2 iPhone models being launched during that period. Man! Not even Mahesh Bhatt comes out with shitty sequels so quickly,” one of his friend told Faking News.