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MBA graduate creates a stir by asking for 2-3 Startup ideas in dowry

24, Feb 2016 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Even before Prime Minister Modi announced the ‘Stand up India, Start-up India’ campaign, fresh minds had been taking up the mantle of executing new ideas and creating an environment for entrepreneurship. Standup comedians are taking care of the ‘Stand up India’ part and people with creative ideas are pushing the envelope for making ‘Start-up India’ a success.

New age dowries, Startup India!
New age dowries, Startup India!

Startup culture has become so popular that people are discussing new ventures at tea stalls, class rooms, bachelor parties, joint sessions, daru sessions and even at funerals people are discussing innovations in pyres. MBA colleges are breathing a sigh of relief as they are relieved of the pressure to place the students in good companies, which anyways they were not able to do. New courses on entrepreneurship are introduced in the curriculum, although they are taught by visiting professors who are stuck in their corporate jobs since last 20-25 years.

The discussions generally revolves around new ideas, original ideas, inspired ideas, stolen ideas, but most of it is around ideas to get an idea. Well in all this hustle and bustle, a man from Mumbai named Startupesh has found an innovative solution. Startupesh is a fresh MBA graduate from the 10th ranked college in Andheri East (with so many colleges, now we have an area specific ranking system). He has designed a system which will not only get him some creative ideas, but will also help abolish money exchange in the name of long prevailing evil named ‘Dowry’. Yes, indeed, he has told his parents to ask for 2-3 startup ideas instead of money from the bride’s side.

It looked easy at first to the Bride’s parents, but when they started thinking, they realized that giving away money instead was a better option. “What if the idea we give him turn out to be a unicorn”, wondered bride’s father.

As soon as the news spread across India, parents of young daughters have started collecting startup ideas to facilitate a smooth wedding when their daughter grows up. They have started depositing startup ideas in safe bank lockers for future use. Banks have also cascaded the effect by providing interest scheme where they will provide extra ideas at time of maturity.

Meanwhile, Government has also become active after hearing this news. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already announced that government will sponsor a mass wedding ceremony at the next startup India summit.

By @Anti_Rational