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Micromax launches smartphone that will function even when on fire

09, Aug 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. In a bid to counter Sony’s waterproof smartphone Xperia, Micromax has announced that they will soon come up with a fireproof phone that will withstand flames of any magnitude.

“A country like India doesn’t need waterproof phones. Even after 66 years of independence, water is not available in many areas. There is water scarcity even in metros,” said a spokesperson of Micromax mocking Sony for their innovation.

“But we have a lot of fire,” the spokesperson added, “We put things on fire when protesting, government files related to corruption are regularly gutted in fire, and many of our buildings don’t meet fire safety requirements. So what we need is a fireproof phone.”

Smartphone on fire
The latest innovation that we so badly needed

“There is a serious need to address the problem Indian people face when they fail to tweet or update their Facebook status when a fire has broken out at their workplace or in their residential society,” the spokesman further added, “Our innovation will address this need, and people will now be able to check internet even if everything around has been turned to ashes.”

Technology experts and internet addicts have lauded this innovation, which Micromax is calling Blaze.

“I live in a housing society that doesn’t have a swimming pool but there was a short-circuit leading to small fire last week,” Anoop, a Kandivali resident told Faking News, “For me, Sony Xperia is useless but I am looking forward to Micromax Blaze.”

“Nowadays people want to ensure safety of their gadgets first before ensuring their own,” an expert pointed out, “Also they need their friends/followers to be aware of the tragedy that struck them and their superhuman ability to deal with such adversities. Hence you need a device that works in such extreme conditions.”

Micromax believes that this smartphone will be a hit among the net-savvy youth, political activists, fire brigade, smokers, cooks and chefs among others.

“Everyone who plays with fire or is vulnerable to fire will love this product,” a tech and trade expert predicted while previewing the phone, “They should launch it on Diwali.”

When asked how exactly this feature would work, the Micromax representative explained, “Along with the phone we would be giving a water bottle absolutely free which can be poured on the phone when there is a fire to douse it. Or you can even use the ‘blow to’ feature and extinguish the fire. And right after you have poured water on it, go to the nearest Micromax repair workshop and deposit your phone. It will be returned back to you in working condition.”