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MNS hires people to stand near toll plazas and get beaten by its workers after FASTag removes all employees

18, Dec 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai.  MNS has started a recruitment drive across India for people to stand near toll plazas after finding fewer toll employees due to FASTag. The task for the newly recruited people would be to stand at the toll plazas and get beaten by the MNS workers.


The National Highway Authority of India commenced electronic toll collection through FASTag at 523 toll plazas across the country from Sunday morning. MNS was worried as most of its workers are busy beating up toll employees and with this move, they were finding fewer employees at the toll plaza.

The recruitment process has been outsourced to a wrestling academy which is adept at finding people who can take a maximum beating at a very less cost. The hospitalization charges will be provided by MNS and for that, the party has tied up with leading hospitals and insurance companies.

Hospitals are also offering attractive packages to Raj Thackeray’s party where if one employee is brought for treatment, the next treatment would be done free of cost. This will be a win-win situation for the party as well as the hospitals.