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NASA confirms the presence of Shiv Sainiks on Mars after traces of black ink were found on the red planet

20, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Houston: In a boost to its efforts to find life on Mars, NASA today confirmed the presence of Shiv Sainiks on the red planet.

NASA astronauts inspecting the site where ink stains were found
NASA astronauts inspecting the site where ink stains were found

Charles Bolden, Chief Administrator at NASA confirmed the news and congratulated his team, who were euphoric at the discovery of life which has come a decade ahead of their estimation.

Speaking to Faking News Mr. Bolden said, “At 23:59 hrs on Tuesday, Curiosity Rover captured images of ink on the surface of Mars. After looking at the images we had absolutely no doubt in our mind that Mars has already been colonized by Shiv Sainiks. I don’t think we need to look at ink samples from Mars. We can now say with certainty that life exists on Mars.”

It is still not clear how stains were found, but NASA scientists say that some aliens probably landed on Mars and Shiv Sainiks must have blackened their face.

After NASA made the news official through its press release, celebrations erupted outside the Sena Bhavan. Party workers were seen bursting crackers.

NASA has also sent a bouquet to Uddhav Thackeray to express their gratitude. “Yes, Uddhav saheb did indeed get a bouquet. It’s a proud moment for the country and I am happy that our sainiks have reached where most people can only dream of. Hopefully this will change perception about Shiv sena. We are not anti-national, we are just too patriotic,” said Sanjay Raut.

Apparently, the sena chief is planning to accompany the next manned mission to the red planet to felicitate the sainiks on Mars.

Sena ally BJP too had good words to say after this discovery. PM Modi congratulated the party chief and said, “I would like to congratulate and thank Uddhavji for this accomplishment. I was tired of giving the same example of how we reached Mars at one-fourth the cost of ‘Gravity’. Next time when I visit US, I will have some new material to entertain my audience.”

Meanwhile, a few Shiv Sainiks were also approached by Ridley Scott for the sequel of his critically acclaimed movie Martians. “We had finalized the script, but thought it would look more authentic when we have Shiv Sainiks throwing ink on Matt Damon,” he said.