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NASA’s next mission will find life in engineering colleges

06, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Washington, DC, USA. After sending their unmanned rover Curiosity to explore the possibility of finding life on Mars, NASA has announced that soon they would be sending an exploration rover to one of the engineering colleges’ in India to find if life exists there.

“The situation is much more complex in the engineering colleges of India, we are told,” a NASA scientist told Faking News, “Apparently it’s lifeless out there, but still hundreds of thousands of human beings, mostly males, spend four years of their lives there, and survive the conditions.”

Exploration Rover
Something similar could help find life on engineering college campuses

“It remains one of the mysteries of our times,” the scientist said.

Sources say that NASA’s interest in engineering colleges of India increased when an engineer from India cracked this joke in their lab – Engineers are interested in finding life on Mars because they couldn’t find it on the campus?

After this joke, NASA had collected food, air, earth, and water samples from various engineering colleges of India, but couldn’t reach any conclusion.

“The air reeked of deodorants, chemicals, tobacco, and other such stuff that could kill human life. The earth samples too were mostly made up of toxic elements like dirt, smut, and decayed paper,” a source explained why NASA scientists were unsure about existence of life on Indian engineering colleges’ campuses.

“Even the water sample was found to be impure; it was mostly alcohol,” the source revealed.

“Yes, the food sample, collected from one of the canteens or messes of the colleges, showed some signs of life. There were healthy insects and billions of germs in those,” the NASA source disclosed, “But this alone can’t prove existence of life, especially human life, so we decided to explore more.”

NASA has not disclosed which engineering college in India could be chosen for this life exploration experiment. “We have heard of IITs, and we have also heard rumors that there is no life there, but we are not limiting ourselves to IITs,” confirmed a NASA researcher.

The only detail that NASA provided about this proposed mission was that the exploration vehicle or the rover chosen for this mission will be “unwomanned”.

“Yes, there could be a man or a robot driving the vehicle, but surely a woman will not be driving the vehicles,” a NASA researcher explained, “Because we have received information that engineering college inhabitants start showing extreme signs of life when they see a woman.”