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NASA to test run future Lunar rovers on Mumbai roads

20, Aug 2016 By jyotil

Mumbai. Make in India drive received a strong boost today. Maharashtra Govt announced that they have signed an exclusive 5 year agreement with NASA to make and test all its lunar rovers on Mumbai roads.

NASA rover for Mumbai roads
NASA rover for Mumbai roads

Addressing media at Cape Canaveral, NASA’s PR and Communications director said, “Settlement on moon is going to be a reality in this century. Among other things, we want to create & test rovers that tread the extremely difficult & crater ridden surface of moon.”

“With congress cutting budgets on space exploration, there is no money left to send these rovers to moon for testing. We had announced a global competition for cities that boast of the roads that closely resemble the Lunar Surface. We received many entries from across the globe and after intense scrutiny we are happy to announce that Mumbai is chosen as the LUNACY, or LUNAr CitY.”

A visibly beaming Chief Minister and Roads and Highways Minister also announced this at a sparsely packed press conference, as most of the press reporters were late due to time taken to drive on the pothole ridden roads.

The minister proclaimed, “It is our constant endeavor to bring FDI into India. Businesses need the right infrastructure and speedy approvals to facilitate ease of business. We committed the right infrastructure i.e endless supply of Crater filled roads for minimum 5 months in a year. In this case we didn’t have to invest a single rupee in creating the right infrastructure thus taking ease of business to a whole new level and exercised fiscal prudence.”

Later the Govt and NASA addressed a joint press conference. Responding to the query on what made Mumbai win amidst intense competition, NASA spokesman said, “Apart from a committed supply of craters, Mumbai also offered a never before “Click-for-crater” service. With a few clicks we get to immediately know whenever a new crater is formed on any roads. Further Mumbai is only city that offered water-filled craters as large as a small pond. We can test amphibious capabilities of our rovers which will be particularly useful for Mars and on planets where we may end up finding some water.”

Raising a toast to enhanced Indo-US co-operation, and celebrating the Govt’s unmatched ability to force fit Acronyms for every scheme, it was announced that the first rover to be tested will be fondly called LUNATIC – LUNAr TerraIn’s Conquerer.